Mic input sound level too low

Hello everyone,
I have recently experienced a problem using Cubase 9.5.
I use komplete audio 6 as a audio interface, and I have a SHURE PG48 mic, connected to the audio interface with a Yellow Cable Noisless Microphone cable, XLR - Jack. When I create an audio track, and turn on monitoring, the sound I get on cubase when I sing in my mic is unexplicably low ! I have the gain node turned all the way up on the audio interface, so I don’t quite get the problem.
To resolve it, I’ve tried pushing the audio track volume to maximum, adding a first maximizer turned to 100, then a second to about 50. This way, I can have my own voice to a normal sound, however as I turn up everything like this, the white noise in the background is greatly increased as well.

Any suggestions?

If you use a jack into the KA6 you are going in to the line level input.

A microphone cable is XLR/XLR.