Mic no picking up first syllable

When I record with my microphone and playback, every phrase of my recorded voice seems to have missed the first syllable of what I was saying- like the mic had not kicked on yet. Like the mic had to wake up first to work; this happens throughout the recording session so that the microphone drops in and out. With dropping in and out, i don’t actually mean totally out, its more like the volume abruptly drops and jumps back up (like someone pressing a button). When testing the mic through the monitor (without recording) it doesn’t sound like it is missing the first syllable, so I assume it is a setting within Cubase?

My setup is Sennheiser B-1 condenser mic to Focusrite Scarlett audio interface input one with xlr connector. Phantom power is on. The B-1 has a switch for 3 different settings; it happens regardless of which setting I have it switched to.

I have my acoustic guitar in input 2, and no problems with dropping in or out.
Any help would be greatly appreciated- thanks!

The symptoms would typically happen if you use a Noise Gate. So kindly check if there is one used anywhere on the input signal chain.

Thank you so much- I’m brand new to this so can you kindly point me to how I would check for a noise gate in Cubase? Really appreciate it.


Please open Inserts in the Inspector. Search for a Gate plug-in or Dynamics. If you find a Gate plug-in, bypass it. If you find Dynamics plug-in, find a Gate within the plug-in and bypass it.

Never heard about a B-1 microphone from Sennheiser.

I guess you loaded a track preset.
Deactivate the plugins firs to get an idea, which is the one with the gate.
And there is a channel strip available that has attached standard plugins to every channel in Cubase, maybe there is a gate activated?

Thank you, st10ss- this worked! I had the VST dynamics insert activated, and so I turned off the gate.

Also, right- it is a Behringer B-1, not Sennheiser.

Thank you, Martin.Jirsak. Success!

Thank you, Johnny_Moneto. This was the issue. Thanks!

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