Mic picks the sound only when singing or playing too loud

Well, I’m just setting up my recording setup (a complete noob here). I’m using Cubase 9 Pro (Trial Version), Focusrite 6i6 & Rode NT1A microphone. The problem I’m facing is, Cubase only records/picks the input from mic when I play the guitar too loud or sing my lungs out and completely cuts the low notes/low volume (I’ve tried using the gain knob on my interface from really low to really high, and it only catches the high volume sounds only when the knob is at the maximum). Using the same setup on Garageband works perfectly fine. Can someone help me out here. Please.

Look if you have a gate enabled somewhere in the signal chain. If you have loaded a preset that may very well be the case.

I have the exact same problem. How do I check if i have a gate enabled?