Mic problem in cubase 9.5

hi there! I’m trying to record with my mic in cubase (obviously i’m using an audio interface), and no matter how hard i try- the audio track meter won’t respond. the mono input meter in the mixer responds when i snap my fingers next to the mic, the configuration is ok and in other DAWS the mic records just great, but cubase just won’t cooperate. If I press record regardless, I do get something in the track, but the audio is just so low it’s ridiculous, it’s almost as if i’m using my computer’s built in mic, but when I check the studio setup- it clearly states it’s connected to my audio interface.
anyone knows what the issue may be?

You gonna have to tell us a bit more about your setup. Are you on Mac, there’s a security step you need to take there to permit access to the mic.

I am indeed on mac! I’m kind of a newbie… what security step are you talking about?

I’m not using a Mac, maybe do a forum search for big sur microphone security