Mic records in Mono

I just got a Rode NT1A mic and it only records in MONO, I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t seem to get it to change to Stereo. It also comes in on the panel as MONO. Any help thanks!

you have a matched pair for stereo?

One mic, recording as mono. Sounds good to me. You could send that track to a stereo out track. Dont get confused… you can still pan the track as you see fit. Or you could duplicate the track and use the 2nd for the other half of your stereo if say you want to apply a different effect to one side.

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Okay what I mean is sound only records in the left speaker/headphone. Very frustrating. I’ve tried everything - 3 hours wasted.

Focusrite 2i2
Rode NT1A mic

Ok… now that is a concern. I believe I seen that reported here before. Try searching for some posts. I would but I am writing this on my teeny tiny phone with teeny tiny text… PIA. If not resolved ill try searching when I return to my pc. The only suggestion I have at this time is to make sure you are recording on a mono input set in the vst connections. When recording a mono source on an input assigned as stereo i think you get what you describe.

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Yep, one mic to one mono input track. Pan it wherever. For a stereo sounding track, record again to another mono track and pan them.

When you add the audio track, are you adding a stereo or a mono track?
If you’re recording a mic, you should be adding a mono track. That will play back in both left and right speakers (if panned in the centre).

Just to clarify a bit…

You can record a mono audio signal to a mono or stereo audio track. It gets recorded as a mono on either type of track if the input bus is set up properly.

So, too prevent the OPs issue he/she needs to make sure that the mono source (in this case a mic) is being recorded from an input mono bus which is assigned in “Devices>VST Connections>Inputs” to a mono or stereo audio track. The output of that track would typically be routed to a stereo output bus so you can do panning, etc.

If the mono source is being recorded from an input stereo bus then only the the left channel will get recorded to a stereo audio track. I’m not sure what would be recorded if set to record from a stereo bus to a mono audio track as I don’t think I EVER used a mono audio track.

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