Mic Sound discrepancy when switching to Mix 2 L/R

Hey, I’m having a small problem, it’s a little sound issue and I am right at the end of having this set up right.
I am using Cubase 8 Artist and I don’t have control room for headphone mixes. I have spent hours figuring this out and setting it up to where Mix 2 l/r is for my personal headphones in the booth for recording vocals. I then use sends to get what I want leveled right in those headphones. I am direct monitoring my vocals with DspFX. On Mix 1 L/R vocals sounds great, but then all the instruments are there. On mix 2 l/r, where I control it with sends, the mic instantly has a huge echo like you’re far away from the mic and all intricacies of speech are lost. It’s direct monitoring, it’s not a send. Why is it even changing? I stayed up all night getting this to work and now I’m on this part stuck with no sleep. Please somebody lol