Mic Tracking

I have Cubase 6, and currently I have the following hardware components, in order of signal path. Mic: Rhodes NT1-A, External Compressor/Limiter, Berhinger Pro UB 16-channel mixing console, Mbox2, PC Comp (Windows 7), and I’m outputting back thru the mixer and finally to 2 KRK Rockit 5s (powered near reference monitors), and I also use headphones to track (Sennheiser HD 280). The problem is, I can’t see that Cubase is reading the mic. No level movements on the individual tracks (either audio stereo or mono). I have a music track that I’ve imported into the project and can play that back and hear it, but no mic response. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong, and, how to set up the track in Cubase to track mics? There are so many potential problem areas in this set-up, but I’m almost positive the problem I’m having is in my project/track setup in Cubase.

Any ideas?

The idea is to read the manual. It´s explained in there.
The second idea is to use the forum´s search function. Almost, if not every thread with “no sound”, “no input”, “no signal” is exactly the same thing you are asking. It´s been explained here more than often, there´s even a sticky in the LE forum. Of course it takes a minimum of self effort, to look for it.
And of course, if you wait lonmge enough, one of the “nice guys” will explain it to you - you maybe should mention your Cubase version though - and post in the appropriate forum.

I’m not a “nice guy” … at least not the nicest one … at least not all the time. But in this case I’m going to behave like a “semi-nice guy”.

My first thought: you have too much stuff there, if you can’t make them work. Before you have deeper understanding about how your stuff works, just ditch the compressor and B-brand mixer. You don’t need them. They may help you, but only if you understrand how to use them. All you need is your Microphone, Mbox, PC and speakers+headphones. Now try again to connect everything and give Cubase another chance.