Mice in the Midi Machinery!

Hi. I’ve just moved up from playing and recording edrums and mixing up into a song, to learning full musical production. The drums were easy - set channel to 10 and go from there.

I can’t get my mind around a full midi setup. I go hold of a midi file for a song, when loaded everything was there and working. It had obviously set up as a GM midi player. I didn’t like the GM sounds, and started using Halion Sonic programs. I muted each track header which were setting up the HS mix. As I was editing tracks and events, I noticed one of the guitar slots had changed to a bass, and this kept happening randomly. I traced this down to the program selector in the inspector, which had an instrument set in all tracks. Somehow this was triggering changes to the instrument slots in each channel. This makes no sense to me. To get round this I set each track to its native channel, and the program in the inspector disappeared. This makes even less sense - why would changing the channel assignation trigger a program change? I can only guess that the tracks are somehow holding onto the original GM setup.

Is there any way to clear out the programs set in the inspector? I am trying to gain a deeper understanding of Cubase, so I can setup with confidence and move on without continually looking over may shoulder. Thanks.


Is there Program Change MIDI Message in the given MIDI Track?

Hi Martin,

No, they are single voice tracks, each one with events on a single midi channel, and no program changes.


Do you mean, you muted the MIDI Events in the Key Editor or the List Editor, right?

Was the track Record Enabled in that time? Isn’t it possible some of your MIDI Device sent the Program Change MIDI Message?

I’m not sure I understand this to 100%. Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Hi Martin

  1. Sorry, I worded this badly. The front of the tracks had midi events to set up instrument ( vol, pan, FX etc.). I cut the track just after this point and muted that part of the track.

  2. No record enabled, and midi device (keyboard) was not being used at all.

  3. See screenshot, you can see on track 7 midi channel 5 that the program selector in the inspector is showing Acoustic Grand Piano, despite the instrument being set to a distorted guitar. There were more like this, with Halion slots actually changing, but I closed without saving.

I set up a test project with 3 midi tracks, added Halion and everything was fine and stable. But as soon as you pick a voice in the inspector program selector it’s there for life, you just can’t delete it. I am at the conclusion that that’s the way it is, and I just need to be careful with import and setup. Thanks for your help.


I get the point now.

This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

If you change the patch within HALion Sonic SE, the Inspector Program has not been updated correctly.