Can anyone recommend a gaming mouse that works well with Windows 8 ?

had a couple of bad experiences lately buying ones that simpy don’t work other than the basic movement + left click / right click - the programmable buttons just not working

looking at thw logitech G600 MMO as it claims its designed for W8

Well the answer is (for me at least)

Logitech g600 MMO

Awesome, works with W8, build quality is fantastic, software easy to program… loads of buttons and options to work it the way you like it

Get one :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion, quite happy with my Kensington Orbit though.

I find field mice are more willing to eat through the cables than lab mice, but if you want the best experience possible get yourself some Norway rats - they’ll eat through anything.

I’m happy with my (at least) 15-year old Logitech 3-button PS/2 mouse. Would like to have their even older serial mouse (used to love them), but they are hard to find nowadays.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Church mice can totally destroy your organ

ouch :confused: