Michael Buble' - Christmas CD

I watched about 10 minutes and then turned to basketball

I think there’s a lot of truly fine Christmas music, both sacred and secular. Of course, we’ve all been over-exposed to it, and there’s definitely some pure schlock, too.

Noddy Holder rules :mrgreen:

I have come to completely detest all the mainstream Christmas songs. Some really are quite good but I’ve just heard them too often.

Someone please !!! Bring me a bucket

:open_mouth: :laughing:

I prefer Andrea Bocelli . Now that’s a voice!

Are you ok? That’s the second time you’ve asked for a bucket :laughing: :wink: ?


‘So here it is…’ :sunglasses:

Remember the scene in Monty Python’s Meaning of Life?

Just having a laugh! :smiling_imp: Buble is on my bucket list! :laughing:

And that is all it will be about - a revenue generator. :sunglasses:

the pogues and kirsty macall rule christmas tunes without a doubt NUFF SAID !

beb can fuck off !

It’s something of a requirement for our major pop stars to do a Christmas album and TV special at the height of their fame. I wouldn’t call it “shameless” but I would call it a bit boring and lame. Like watching the Detroit Lions play every freakin’ Thankgsgiving Day for the last 40 years. But… people like Christmas tuneage and they like Buble, so what’s the harm really

Yeah, no harm really.

I like his singing, but I’m not going to buy his X-mas album… (or any other X-mas album for that matter…)