Micro-tonality, trills (workaround)

Hi, I’m wondering if you have a workaround to get efficiently a E flat with an arrow up as the second trill instead of a E natural with an arrow down. Both are considered as unisons +1/24 and Dorico always use the natural sign as the default one.

Thanks for your help!


You are apparently using a 24-EDO tonality system with two different accidentals with pitch delta -1. In my limited testing, Dorico seems to use whichever one of these appears first in the list of accidentals for the auxiliary note of the trill. Therefore, you could edit both of these accidentals in the tonality system and swap their glyphs. If you are using either of these accidentals elsewhere in the piece, you would need to select the corresponding notes and explicitly apply the other accidental.

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I’m afraid there is no way at present to change which accidental type is used for a trill in this kind of situation. It’s something we would like to enable in future (perhaps by having a property that allows you to choose which compatible accidental type should be used).

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I might create another micro-tonal system and switch the order of these accidentals and apply it locally to the instrument for one bar and then switch back to the original system. That might work I believe.

The default 24-EDO system in Dorico 4 has no duplicate pitch deltas, so that would help.

If you prefer the arrow accidentals, the 24-EDO system that comes with Dorico 3.5 lists the flat-up accidental before the other two of the same pitch, which solves the problem as per John’s post #2 above.