Micrologue: Sync lfo to bpm?


might be a stupid newbie question, but… in my track I tried automating the pulse width via lfo, which sounds great. Then I changed the track‘s bpm and it doesn’t fit as well anymore. Is there any way to sync this? Or do I just have to decide up front, fit the lfo rate and never touch it again?

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Using Cubasis 3 LE upgraded to full version on a 6th generation iPad.

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Please find the full documentation for Micrologue right here:

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Sadly it doesn’t. I read that before posting, of course, and didn’t find anything about syncing the LFO. Since I am rather new to this I think this might also be due to the fact that I did not understand everything right. So I really would like someone more experienced than me to tell me if it is possible or not. Or, if I wasn’t able to identify the right passage in the manual, I’d be very glad if someone pointed out the specific passage.


I think the issue relates to automation

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Yes, thanks, that is more or less the same problem I am trying to solve.

I’d really appreciate a statement from Steinberg, you guys should be able to ask the devs, if in doubt. Just linking the manual was not helpful, sorry.

Hi @Capucius,

Micrologue does not support syncing the LFO to bpm.
Alongside, the Micrologue ARP (IAP) can be synced to the Cubasis bpm of course.


Thank you very much, while I hoped for another answer I can now be sure.