Microphone Not Being Picked Up

I am new to this, and just getting started with my software etc. I have Cubase Elements 7, using a Novation Nio as interface, and I have an SM58s mic. Computer is a small Acer 11.6 inch laptop, 4GB.
Everything seems to be set up and installed correctly, made Nio default, checked the Bus input/output etc. Mono In/Stereo Out but the mic is not being picked up in Cubase for some reason when I attempt to record vocals. It is likely to be something obvious I am doing wrong but I can’t figure it out. Do I need external speakers as well, perhaps? Could it be that the internal audio on computer is interfering somehow?
All help appreciated! Mic is new, software is new and Nio definitely works so surely it’s me :wink: .

It is probably not you but the connections you are making. :slight_smile:

First thing. The SM58 is in its microphone input. Phantom power is off.
You should hear your microphone when plugged in directly from you Nio. (no mutes)
Next step is look for the connections in cubase.
see: devices>connections>inputs
There should be severel mono inputs. If you only see one, create the other connections. Press ok.
In the mixer you should see several input channels are created. (red channels marked input)
Your micro should be giving signal on one of those.
Connect that input channel in the audio track on your main window. (in the inspector)
Click monitoring for that channel “on”. Little speaker icon on the track header next to the red record (arm) buttong.

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Next step is to connect the input

Hi Roel,
Thank you so much for your help! Yes it probably is the connections haha, that sounds better :smiley:
Ok, so I’ve create the mono input bus, and we now have mono in/stereo out. I’ve selected Audio 1 in the mix console to correspond to the audio track I want to record. And the microphone is now showing in the mix channel - it moves when I speak into it, so it is clearly picking something up.
When I record though, the frequency line on the recording is extremely faint, it’s as if there is no volume there. And there is no playback sound, or sound whilst recording. I don’t have any external speakers, looks like the Nio has become the Line Out on my PC speaker system. I’m getting there though :slight_smile:

did you arm the track where you are recording to?

(red record button (along with the yellow speaker button)

note: if it works, then the following shall occur. You have your micro signal both from the daw and direct from your nio. That is normal. The easiest way to solve this (once your routing throug the daw is solved) is to mute the micro on the nio. The micro will then only be sent trough the daw. You will also notice a small delay in the sound. That is called latency. Look on the forum on how you further optimize that. But first, be shure the routing trough the daw is setup correctly, and that you understand how to do it the next time. Then go further.

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