Microphone Not Picked Up


I have recently purchased the Alesis i02 which came with Cubase Le 5, i also bought an audio technica at2035 which I am trying to use to record. However, although I have vst connections, and device setup “what I believe” is correctly the program will not pick up my microphone. I can hear the audio track through the mixer, and my cpu sound picks up the microphone but it doesn’t record onto Cubase???

You are going to have to provide a few more details.

Have you installed the recommended ASIO4ALL driver and selected it in Device Setup?

What audio track?

What do you mean by “my cpu sound picks up the microphone”?

Do you have the track’s monitor button enabled?

Any chance you could attach screenshots of your VST Connections inputs/outputs and of your track’s inspector area (track input/output)?