Microphone not working with UR22mkii

I recently bought a Neewer NW-800 microphone (which requires 5V) and I am trying to record into fl studio using a ur22mkii as my audio interface, but it isn’t recording anything. I have tried with a low quality microphone and it worked fine. I am very new to recording audio but I have been trying to make it work for a few days with no success.
Thank you

I looked up your mic, and it looks like it needs 48V phantom power.

  1. Turn the gain nob on your mic down to zero.
  2. Turn the the phantom power switch on the back of the UR22mkii to on (it’s above the Line Output plugs on the back).
  3. Turn the gain nob on your back up slowly until it’s loud enough to work with.

Also turn the phantom power switch off when not using it, and don’t unplug the audio interface while the phantom power is turned on - it could damage the mic.

I’ve the same problem with UR 44. It has too loud.