Microphone signal is only detected when Cubase is launched

Hi! I am new to Cubase and was trying to record vocals. All went good and I was done, but then I saw that my computer can’t detect the microphone signal. It sees the micro as an input device but when I start speaking it shows just silense. But when I launch Cubase Windows starts detecting the sound and everything is ok. I tried some options in “Studio setup” but that didn’t help. What can i do?


please state your:

  • OS
  • audio interface
  • Cubase version number
  • Cubase edition


Hello again,
I use Cubase Pro 12 on Windows 10. My audiointerface us Behringer UM2, but i switched driver to “Generic low lanetcy ASIO” because my microphone is connected through USB".

Also, plugging microphone into another USB port saved the situation, while complete uninstallation of Cubase didn’t.

Does that mean your issue is solved for now?

Not really, i think this trouble may repeat and rhen i will run out of usb ports

To use a USB microphone and the UM2 at the same time is a configuration nightmare for beginners.

Cubase doesn’t support more than one audio device at the same time by default.
You need to use ASIO4all, Voicemeter or similar tools to get both devices working in Cubase, or just switch between them at startup.

I have switched between them and this problem have occurred