I’ve been using cubase 6.5 artist for a few months and doing pretty well - got a few great songs wel under way and was about to put vocals on on them, but when I set-up my mic ( an AKG Perception 220) via cubase I’m getting a kind of a mild room echo - not huge but enough to distract when performing, and certainly not right. It’s not the room because when I switch to direct monitors it’s all fine, but then of course I cannot use any of the vocal effects. The mic is not super-fantastic but it is functioning fine via other systems, so that’s not the the problem, indeed the mic sound via cubase is only an issue when I haven’t selected direct monitoring. Also, I’ve reduced the buffering time but that does not make any difference, althought when I reduce the buffering there is still a sltight difference in input and output latency, but we’re talking between 6ms input and 9mm output, so not really perceptible. Also when I change the buffering it doesn’t make amy difference to the output sound I’m getting anyway.

Any ideas what could be causing that? I think it’s something pretty straightforward but just can’t work it out. Thanks to anyone that can give me any help!