Microsoft Recall -- turn it off

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This is one of the many click-bait headlines, that are floating the internet.

Yes, Microsoft has “announced” that they want to capture continuous screen shots, as a kind of history memory, but for now it is just an announcment and it will be done on these new AI laptops only.

I’m not a fan of this stuff and I will clearly move to something else (no, not Apple), but for now it is just something they showed on stage and NOT part of Windows.

If you don’t want it, do not buy these new laptops (also only announced and not available).

Thanks for the input!

I think Britec09 is saying, just to be aware if Microsoft drops this feature in a future update, and to turn it off.

Microsoft said that Windows 10 was to be there last OS, and everybody saw how that went.

He’s just saying, can you trust what Microsoft says when it comes to new features.

My problem is the way these videos and articles are made and how the headline looks like. That is simply c**p (sorry…)

I get that the ‘Clickbait’ is annoying. I find that too.

I’m guessing people would not view videos like that, and just skip it, because they think it’s boring. At least people know about this, and can look out of for it.

That is exactly what I’m doing, I don’t even start the video out of curiosity. The title alone is enough to just ignore it, unfortunately many people are susceptible to this waste of time.

Okay! I’m not being rude, but by your own logic, you should have ignored my inital post and moved on.

I was only posting in case people didn’t know about this.

Don’t worry, all good…

We are in a Forum about Steinberg and their products, so I can revers your statement by saying, what has this to do with Steinberg?

In my opinion there is not a single bit of valuable information in it, it is what it is, just clickbait.

Ok, I’ll leave it as it is now, we do not get to the same conclusion.

It’s Okay, You can leave it now! No Worries.

I know we are in a forum about Steinberg and their products, that’s why I posted this in the Lounge.

Well since you didn’t watch the YouTube video, It’s for people who come across this feature at a later date, wondering why Cubase or other Steinberg product is not working properly, because some Background process is eating up the resources, and also wondering why their disk storage has suddenly dropped, because this feature needs a Ton of gigabytes to work.

Well, if running Windows or any other OS that tries it’s best to eliminate your privacy becomes a prerequisite for using the Steinberg product(s) you need, then it becomes a reason to move away from Steinberg products.

This is why we need Cubase for Linux.
(shameless link to my now 10-year-old topic when Windows XP was still a thing)


I changed the title of this topic to not be such a click-bait one.



I didn’t mean it to be clickbait…I just put the original title in quotes.

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