Microtonal accidental arrows

I would like to make the arrows on the microtonal accidentals larger so that they can be more easily seen. What is the best way to do that?

You’d need to either find another font that contains symbols that look the way you prefer (see e.g. here for a list of other SMuFL-compliant music fonts), or you’d need to design these symbols for yourself in a font of your own creation.

Hi Daniel, Thank you very much! I actually just figured out that I can put a bigger arrowhead over the original one in the accidental editor. I can’t tell if it looks better or not though haha. I think I like the way the built-in dorico version looks better, but one of my performers complained that he didn’t notice any of the microtonal accidentals and said I should make the arrows bigger so he would notice them more easily. Here’s a screenshot of the normal arrow and bigger arrow accidental in case anyone is curious or has any suggestions.
bigger arrow
normal arrow

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the performer that made that comment was a violist though, so…


Should you scold him or her for casting such viol aspersions on Bravura? :joy:

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