Microtonal accidentals in 3.5 pro

Hi is anyone having problems with microtonal accidentals in 3.5 pro?

I’m trying to make the e into an e half-flat but it’s not working.

Any help is appreciated. Cheers!
Flute Piece.zip (412 KB)

The piece is using the standard 12 EDO. If you add a 24 EDO key sig, then you can add a half flat.

Every time I try to change it and input the half-flat, it automatically switches back to 12edo. What am I missing?

  1. pressing shift+k
  2. atonal
    It should work if I remember correctly.

The tonality system in the score is specified by the key signature. (You can change between different tonality systems for different parts of the score).

You haven’t defined a key signature, so the by default the score is in 12-EDO, and you cant use 24-EDO accidentals.

Do the following steps, in exactly this order:

  1. Select something at the start of the score (either the X time signature, or the first note).
  2. In the right hand key signatures panel, select 24-EDO in the “tonality systems” selection box at the top of the panel.
  3. Press shift-K to get the key signature popover.
  4. Type atonal into the popover and press return.

You should now have the 24-EDO accidentals available.

Thanks for the help!

Unfortunately, that didn’t work :frowning:

It does work. See attached.
Flute Piece 2.zip (413 KB)

Oh I sorted it out, thanks!

What if I want the accidentals to look different? Like the Arabic or Turkish accidentals? How does that work?

You can edit the Tonality System by clicking the Pencil Icon under Tonality Systems. There you can edit the Accidentals and Key Sigs.