microtonal accidentals

Hello, I’m new to Dorico, and picking my way through online, manual and video answers. I cannot seem to make my Equal Temperament 24 EDO selection stay so that I can edit in a microtonal accidental. I’m following the manual instructions but it does not behave the way it’s supposed to. Please help… :sunglasses:

The 24EDO tonality system is linked to a key signature. You have to select the tonality system, then select a key signature underneath and click into the score (or by invoking the caret with nothing else selected and typing Shift-K atonal Enter, for instance)

Is that what you’re doing?

That’s what I’m doing but it reverts to 12 EDO; it doesn’t seem to work whether or not I select the note that’s being accidentalized before or after I select the tonality. I’m choosing C Maj though I’m not in a key as such. Sorry, I’m coming from working in Sibelius so the Dorico mindset is quite an adjustment.

Don’t worry, this is definitely one of the more subtle aspects of the software, and I think it’s something we can and should improve in a future version. However, it should be easy enough to get going. Try this out:

  1. Start a new project, and add a player holding an instrument.
  2. In Write mode, select the first rest at the start of the flow.
  3. In the Key Signatures panel, select ‘Equal temperament (24 EDO)’ from the drop-down list.
  4. Now, without changing the selection in the music, type Shift+K and enter “atonal” or “open” into the popover. (You could also enter “C” at this point if you really do what C major.)

The key signature that has been created will be in the 24-EDO tonality system, allowing you to write with the various microtonal accidentals shown there.

Hello, the thing is that I imported a file which was originally written in Sibelius, and so I’m essentially editing the score, and recomposing some parts. And it’s atonal, so I’ve chosen the steeper learning curve :flushed:. Is there a way to copy from the new file you suggest making, and drop it into my Dorico composition?

I think this is a scenario in which you’d be better off inputting from scratch, unfortunately. But it’s not all doom and gloom. You can set up a 24-EDO score in the “correct” Dorico way from the start, and you get some valuable practice doing note input. :wink:

You shouldn’t have to re-input the whole thing from scratch. Try adding a new flow to your project and adding the appropriate key signature using the desired tonality system at the start of the new flow as I suggested in my reply earlier in the thread. Then copy and paste the music from the first flow into the second, being careful not to include the key signatures from the original flow in the material you copy.