Microtonal Chord Symbols

I like Dorico’s support for microtones that allows using special accidentals and key signatures and is able to correctly playback them. To be honest, this was the differentiator reason for me that made me buy Dorico instead of Sibelius. However, I noticed that chord symbols can only use the standard western notes. It would be nice if you could use the microtonal notes defined in the custom key signature or use one of the custom accidentals created.

Is there a plan to support this in the future?

I feel that microtonal support in Dorico is really a differentiator on the market. The support for this in Sibelius, Finale or MuseScore really sucks. Adding this feature would really close the loop in this subject.

Hello calinburioiu.
I’ve used microtonal chords in the past. The only way around it is to make your own, modifying some unused chord symbols. I don’t know any published score that uses them, so I guess there has to be yet some literature before it gets implemented into Dorico. I wish this was also true, but I also think that microtonal jazz/popular music is still very niche, more niche than microtonalism in general.

We don’t have any current plans to support microtonal chord symbols, but I would never rule it out as a possibility for a future version. It’s not a hugely high priority at the moment, however.