Microtonal in cubase - is it posible? Micro Tuner not helps


My question is about Micro Tuner plugin - how to work in Cubase with, for instance, pure major, if this plugin have not root key settings for scale?? Ok, if I play in C-dur all is ok, but if I will start to play in D-dur, how to say to program, that I am switching from C pure major to D pure major?

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You have to set the microtonal changes, which you want to use. It’s not possible to change it during the playback by changing the key. I can’t try it now, but I’m pritty sure, you can automate it. So you can make changesof the tune with every key changes manualy.

manually each note? To calculate in mind cents for each notes and enter each digit? In other soft it makes by just change one key, at once. Ok, I can use same feathers of other VSTi for work with other VSTi, but what to do with built in Cubase instruments, like PadShop and other?

See attached picture, today is 21 century, and many programs has useful options for work with microtunning… And Cubase is not cheap software, for have not such elementary things.

I know Vienna Instruments Pro. :wink:

And I know, this is not fast solution, in Cubase. I can’t imagine any different, faster, solution in todays Cubase.

Have you looked into using Scala files with VSL? According to them “The Matrix Tab finally introduces micro-tuning! Choose from many 12-step scales and add your own 12- step scales, if you like.” This is assuming there is a command VSL will follow to change the root note. If not, In Kontakt I can use different channels for different tunings, so possibly that would work in VSL.

Maybye, you can automate this scale preset change. Don’t you?

Kontakt and VSL ViPro have own tuning settings, but Cubase built-in synths are not. As I know, Halion 4 is capable to load Scala *.scl files directly, but I have not Halion yet… And, I need to change root key dynamically, if it’s not possible - there is needs to have 12 instances of each timbre in own key - and 12 additional cores to exist CPU ))

(not sure if you are talking to me) I don’t know because I haven’t tried…

Yes, it does seem archaic.

It may be more easy-to-use, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=UEkD_SisGz0

Yeah, “easier” :slight_smile: Pretty fun though