microtonal mapping & microtonal playback issue


I would like to map a 12-note microtonal tuning onto the notated pitches C, C#, D, D#, etc.

Each step size is different. For example, from C to C# is 105 cents, but from D to D# is 94 cents. Can anyone tell me how to use the same simple sharp accidental on each diatonic note but with a different delta? Or would it be necessary to have a different accidental for each sharp note, with individually defined deltas?

Next, about playback: I created a new tonality and defined the diatonic subdivisions only (the leftmost part of the Edit Tonality dialog). I then put a few diatonic notes in a flow to hear it, but on playback it keeps switching back to equal temperament, and even if I get it to playback without the tonality reverting, I don’t hear any difference. Am I doing something wrong?


Ok I figured out the playback issue :slight_smile:

But am still wondering about the accidental issue? thanks!

If the step size is different for every scale degree, then unfortunately you will indeed need a different accidental for each step.

It may be that you would be better off using a more straightforward tonality system definition in Dorico and then adjusting the tuning using a Scala file loaded into a compatible VST instrument: “big” HALion, for example, supports Scala files, though HALion Sonic SE (which is bundled with Dorico) does not.

thanks for the reply! I ended up using 5 different accidentals that I liked from one of the sets in the drop down menu. Works great, in a way it’s more logical to have different accidentals if the step sizes are different.

Aria (Garritan) also supports Scala files if you own that.

Did you get any good solution steps for this? I feel am facing the same issue here.
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You have to do it the way I described in my first reply to this thread: map multiple accidentals, or use a VST instrument that supports Scala tuning.