Microtonal MIDI Data

Hello forum.

Bit of an obtuse question, but I am working with converting MIDI to text files (outside of Dorico). I am wondering how exactly the microtonal playback is achieved in Dorico. It is the VST expression map as opposed to pitch bend right? Is this extra data stored in the midi file or how is it stored?

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Dorico does microtonal inflections through MIDI Polyphonic Expression.

As best as I can tell all microtonal data Dorico produces is not in its MIDI export, which sucks pretty hard.

Dorico doesn’t use MIDI pitch bend to produce its microtonal tuning, so the information cannot be represented in MIDI. It uses the VST 2.x detune parameter or VST 3 Note Expression, depending on the plug-in being used; neither of these can be represented in MIDI.

Thanks everyone for the clear replies!