Microtonal notes

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I’m using Cubase with the sound library Vienna Instruments Pro. Indeed I have created a few Instruments tracks to load the plug-ins.
Vienna instruments Pro allows me to modify the pitch as I prefer, for instance a quarter or an octave tone up or down.
Now, when I play and record these notes in Cubase the tuning is played precisely, but during the playback Cubase plays the microtonal notes as tempered notes. Which settings in the editor do I need to modify? I hope Cubase is not limited to the notes of the well-temperament. If so, would it be possible to play the plug-in in an Instruments track and record it into an audio track? Thank you for your help.


I forgot, how this is solved on Vienna side. Could you refresh my memory, please?

In Cubase, you can use Micro Tuner MIDI Insert. Would this work to you?

Hi, thank you for your answer.
I am new of VSL, I’m just watching around. May you please tell me where I can find Micro Tuner MIDI Insert?

Thank you again


MIDI Insert Micro Tuner is part of Cubase, not VSL.

Yes, I know that is part of Cubase, but where can I find it?


See attached screenshot, please.

thanks. Here is a screenshot of my Inspector. Unfortunately I don’t find any Midi Inserts menu. I’m using Cubase 8 LE. Maybe it’s in the more advanced versions?

I see, Cubase Elements doesn’t have MIDI Inserts. Only Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro have MIDI Inserts.

Read this thread, please. We just discovered not al VSTis support it.

This is really sad…
Thank you