Microtonal Playback with VSL

yesterday I downloaded the Demo version of “SYNCHRON-ized SPECIAL EDITION Volume 1” from the Vienna symphonic libraries. I works quite charming with Dorico as everything seems to be already set up.
The only problem came when I tried playing back microtonal passages. Microtones were not at all recognised and the music was reproduced correctly but on a 12 tone scale. I then made sure that with Halion Sonic Se the playback regarding microtones was fine.
I have read that VSL supports microtuning, so I guess I am missing something in the set up procedure? Do you have any ideas about it?

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Are you using Vienna Instruments, the Synchron Player, and/or Vienna Ensemble Pro?

Where? AFAIK neither Synchron Player nor VI (Vienna Instruments) support microtuning. VIPro supports alternate tunings (12 EDO, Scala tuning tables) but not micro tuning…

thank you both for your answers. I am using the “Vienna Synchron Player”.
I just spoke with VSL Support and apparently:

Neither the “VSL for Dorico” software nor the Synchron Player does support microtonal scale changes. This is only possible with Vienna Instruments Pro 2 player"

@fratveno Do you mean that even with VI PRO 2 there is no chance of having 24 EDO?

This is from the online VIPro manual… :
Matrix Tab

The Matrix Tab finally introduces micro-tuning! Choose from many 12-step scales and add your own 12-step scales, if you like. Additionally, a 3-band EQ is available for each matrix! As all functions are only affecting the selected matrix, you can switch between different tunings by switching between Matrices!

IOW, VEPro does not respond to external tuning information, and internally you are limited to 12 EDO. (I just verified it in the studio, whereas Pianoteq, Halion and Noteperformer responded to the same file with default settings. VEPro is VST2 , as is Noteperformer, but if memory serves me NP is the only VST2 currently able to respond to 24 EDO…)

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VSL will soon release their software compatible with VST3. Is there a chance that microtuning accidentals will be received from Dorico?