Microtonal tablature for microtonally converted guitars

I am absolutely stoked with Dorico and in particular with the new custom tonality options and the ability to playback in different equal temperaments.

I am currently working on my masters thesis on the possibilities of a 22edo electric guitar and I am working on a large composition for 22edo electric guitar and a microtonally retuned amplified harpsichord. It would be extremely useful for me and for anyone who experiments with microtonal guitars to have the option to customise the fret spacing of a guitar under the tablature settings. Would this be possible? Here’s an example of how I am notating 22edo already in Dorico (the numbers above the staff represent the distance of each interval from the low C in cents - if you look closely you’ll see that I’ve set the notation so that the closest equivalent to the C major scale in 22edo also has no accidentals).

It seems there would be two ways of achieving this, either by allowing the inputting of precise decimal values under the irregular fret spacing parameter or even better, to have a separate option of simply changing the division of frets within the space of an octave. Having both would make literally anything possible.

Welcome to the forum, Xenharm. I see you’ve also found a previous thread on this topic. This is something we’re thinking about as a possible future development, but it’s not something we are actively working on at the moment. However, it’s helpful to know that it would be useful to you as well as to the couple of people who posted in the original thread.

Thanks for your response Daniel. I understand that there aren’t a huge number of people looking for this option, so it won’t be a top priority for you. If it was an option however, it could lead the way and inspire people to try out microtonal guitars, so I hope you get around to it at some point. Already I think Dorico will inspire more people to experiment with complex microtonal systems.