Microtonal trills enharmonics

The 24-EDO functions relatively well but I notice a problem with the enharmonics: It can’t write quarter tone flat (or sharp) naturals automatically, you can change it manually but in the case of trills, it’s not an option. Let’s say that I want to write a trill on F# with a quarter tone flat G. But Dorico automatically chooses a qt-high Gb as the auxiliary note? Enharmonically this makes no sense and so far I haven’t found a way to bypass this issue and it’s a real problem atm.

Hopefully there is a way to break this rule or just get it fixed.

If you select the trill you have options below in the properties panel to achieve what you want (assuming I’ve understood correctly!)

Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 14.16.26
Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 14.16.16

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prntscreen dorico trills (2)
Hmm that’s not quite it. What I’m hoping to achieve is to have that auxiliary note in the first trill (written as high G-flat) to be written as a low G natural. Sounds the same but makes a lot more sense enharmonically.

Sorry for the unclear description!

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I’ve noticed problems with enharmonic spelling in microtonal trills before, as well. I haven’t tried this, but one solution might be to make a tuning system with, say, 48EDO, and then make a special accidental for 3/48s of a tone; then you could use that for your trill. That might be lots of work, though.

For the deadline it might be too much work with no guarantee that it will work…

The same enharmonic issue happens also in artificial harmonics: If you write a quarter tone high F-sharp with a 4th partial harmonic, the node is automatically written as a high C-flat for some reason??? Luckily that can be bypassed by writing them manually as a double stops with the higher note as a diamond notehead.
But the trill issue really drives me nuts.

Here is a workaround to achieve the trill appearance you want:


The first trill is the same as shown in the third post of this topic. The second trill has the same Interval but the Appearance property is set to Accidental and the Accidental property is set to Hide. On beat five there is a quarter note low G natural in an additional voice with the following properties set: Suppress playback, Custom scale 64, Starts voice, Ends voice Immediately, Hide stem, and Bracket style Round.


That’s phenomenal! Thank you so much! :pray: