Microtonality and musicXML

The way Dorico handles the microtonal accidentals is the most perfect and easy to use between Finale, Sibelus and MuseScore.
One thing that could be improved is the compatibility with musicXML: as I have tested, musicXML only accepts half-tone and quarter-tone accidentals. This is fine, as Dorico is my main tool at the moment.
However, I did find the following website:
Is there a way to use these microtonal accidentals in staves in front of a note?

You can certainly define your own tonality systems in Dorico to use those accidentals if you wish. However, they won’t be exported to MusicXML.

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Hm, Dorico reads a musicXML file containing some microtonal accidentals correctly. I attach a file created with SuperCollider using my own SuperCollider codes that I developed this summer.
After opening the file in Dorico, I exported it as a new musicXML file and opened the new file. As @dspreadbury said, Dorico does not export the microtonal accidentals. I am also attaching them.

I know that reading a musicXML file and writing a musicXML file are two different things. I have no intention of writing SuperCollider code to import a musicXML file.

However, I hope that a future version of Dorico will support microtonal accidental export.

One more thing:
Playing microtonal pitches in Dorico is first class! Thank you very much!

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