Microtones not Working in Dorico 5 pro

Hi, Ive been trying to get microtones to work, however they aren’t . I open a new project, put the instruments in, select “shift + k” and type “open”, then I go and select the tuning system and select an accidental and try and place a note and nothing happens and it switches back to 12 tone. Is there anything I do wrong? Is there a bug? Ive gotten it to work before, but not since then.

Check this:

Especially where it says this:

  1. In the music area, select an item at the position from which you want to change the tonality system.
  2. Without deselecting the item, select the tonality system you want from the menu in the Tonality System section of the Key Signatures, Tonality Systems, and Accidentals panel.
  3. Input a new key signature (it can be “open”).