Microtune Not working in HSO!


It seems that microtune does not work in HSO. Is it correct?

I loaded using both the default/native HSO engine and also Halion Sonic SE. None of them produce altered notes!


It does work using HALion Sonic SE (and HALion of course).
Tell us how you proceed.

It is wired it is now working with a freshly made project. Not sure what happened. Thank you for the prompt response.

me too. i have the same problem that does not work either with iconica and HSO. I put the plug-in in MIDI insert. in general, it does not work. i wish Steinberg do something with the plug-in.

Iconica doesn’t have the ability to process the messages the Microtuner Midi Insert sends, but HSO does work, as stated above.

What plugins do support Microtuner and how it works? Does it pitch shift midi messages or there is some protocol? Can I use Microtuner with massive or Serum?

I’m also curious to this. Is the Microtuning MIDI insert supposed to work when I use a MIDI track to control a hardware synthesizer? It doesn’t seem to work?

No it works just with steinberg VSTI

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Thanks. What a huge let down. I’m probably simplifying things, but the manual claims that MIDI events pass through the MIDI inserts, and you are able to record the resulting MIDI events. So unless they created their own custom events (which would be deviating from the standard), or they use event types that are so rare almost no synthesizer implements them, that is actually not the case? Because apparently nothing reaches my hardware synth or at least nothing that causes it to do anything differently

Edit: indeed it seems the current MIDI version (and especially since my hardware synth is ooooold) doesn’t support mucrotunings. MIDI 2.0 will support it though. I did see in the manual of my synthesizer (Yamaha Motif ES Rack) that it allows for some different microtonal tunings and caters for configuring the root note of suck tuning. One of the tunings may be what I’m after, so hopefuy I’m good for now, by chance

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