MicroTuner trouble

Hello. First off, I don’t know if this is a clear issue of the MicroTuner, or if something is going on with the VSTis, but here goes:

  1. Create a Retrologue instrument, load a lead sound, or any sound that is not too short, so that you can listen to the problem.
  2. Insert microtuner to a Midi insert slot.
  3. Lower F# to a generous - 57.
  4. Activate record enable.
  5. On the midi keyboard, press F#. While it is still down, just do a little mordent with G.

What I’m getting: The first F# starts low, as microtuner commands, but the moment G is touched, F# returns to normal pitch. (In other words, we play F# G F#, we expect to hear flatF# G flatF#, but instead we get flatF# G intuneF#).

Second case. HSO.

Using the above steps, we only need to play one F# to listen to what’s going on. The result: pressing F# will give us a flatF# as programmed, BUT the moment we release the key, HSO’s “ambience”(?) is a tuned F# and not a flatF#.


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I cannot reproduce the issue here. If I touch G Micro Tuner Note, the F# is still playing the adapted pitch (-57 in your case).

Ah, that’s a problem. I will try to post even more specific instructions later. (I remember clearly that when using glide + legato when available there is no problem at all)

Edit: Would it help if I posted a project instead?

Here is the project, for anyone interested.MicroTuner Test Project.cpr (1.2 MB)

  • I have written the results that I have been getting in the Notepad of each track.
  • If you don’t have Pianoteq, nevermind. I just put it in there to confirm that microtuner works ok with pianoteq.

***The test is: Record enable a track, play a long F# on your keyboard, then press the neighboring G without letting go of F#, finally release G while F# is still down. ***

What happens? Does F# hold the same pitch?


I see, I can reproduce it.

The issue is, the F# note is not triggered from Cubase (for the 2nd time), it’s triggered from the plug-in (I have tested on the 2nd track with Padshop). But in this case, the MIDI Note doesn’t go thru the MIDI Inserts (because it cannot be routed from the VSTi there).

The result would be the same, if you would have any plug-in with built-in arpeggiator. All notes triggered from the VSTi wouldn’t be affected by the MIDI Inserts. Only Cubase triggered notes are affected.

So, in essence, this is a problem on each plug-in’s side and Cubase is handling everything as it should?


The only solution would be, if the plug-in would make a virtual MIDI Out, you would route the MIDI data out from the plug-in to another Cubase track, where you would apply the MIDI Insert and send the MIDI data back to the plug-in.

Cubase doesn’t know, how does the VSTi handle the MIDI Notes, how are the MIDI Notes processed inside of the plug-ins.


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