Mics phase

I’m trying my 2 guitar amps setup with 4 mics. Both have the same mics and positions more or less. When I inspect the zero points, I see that one amp seems eating the other because of phase. Is this a common phase issue? It’s strange because I see opposite peaks and I don’t know if I should invert the phase somehow or just play with the microphones distance. They are very close to the amps so I didn’t expect issues.


Switch the phase in the Pre section of MixConsole.

Which one to choose? Try both. Which one is louder, this is the one to keep.

I’m not an expert in this, but it’s known that such issues often occur with drums, for example, with the top and bottom snare microphones or the overheads. So, this is a pretty common issue. If you find that the microphone placements are good, I would simply try flipping the phases in different combinations. Just listen to see if and how the sound changes and if it can be corrected that way. For the snare, as an example, you always have to flip the phase of one microphone.

Thanks, I used an isolated transformer on the pedalboard where I can invert the phase and even without doing it, the phase issue is solved. The peaks are in sync.