Mid-measure repeat

I’m probably searching for the wrong terms but when I enter “midmeasure repeat” or “mid-measure repeat” to try to learn how to place repeat signs (both forward and backward) in the middle of the measure I get no results that answer my question, either in the on-line help or the user manual. I realize I can do it the old-fashioned way of entering a meter change to create two shorter bars and place the repeat sign and then hide that meter change.
I was hoping there was an easier way.
Thanks in advance for any help on this issue.

Refer to this recent thread (about halfway through the thread):

Thank you – that is a lot easier.

You can input barlines wherever you like, including in the middle of bars. I’ve made a note to check keywords based on your searches.

Thank you! I just tried it and it works like a charm! That’s so simple – why didn’t I think of that?

I’ve just finished my first Dorico project with Dorico 4 and now I shall actually read the manual from cover to cover so I won’t need to ask so many questions. I really appreciate your help, Lillie!

I doubt that it’s even possible, and it’s not the best way to learn. The documentation is searchable and heavily hyperlinked, so it’s better to read about each type of thing as it comes up for you, and stitch your knowledge together that way.

…and don’t be afraid to create small test project (or projects) to try things out without endangering anything important.

If you want to read something start-to-finish, our First Steps guide is much more tailored to that approach (with apologies if I’ve already recommended this to you, I lose track).

The manual is more intended to be a reference.

I did read that First Steps Guide through to the end of working on the first piano piece but then this other project intervened and it was simple enough that I thought it would make a good first project in Dorico. I have learned a lot from working on that project and from the answers to my questions in this forum. My next step will be to finish that First Steps Guide, and then move onto the manual.
The problem with using a user’s manual only as a reference I have found is that if I don’t know the terms that the developers have used, I have a very hard time finding what I’m looking for when I need it. So I usually will read the manual even knowing I won’t retain a lot of what I’m looking for until I actually need to use it but at least I’ll have a basic understanding of the terminology used so I’ll have an easier time searching for it.

You may find it quicker to watch the many videos that are available (even if they are for earlier versiosn of Dorico) - you will soon pick up the terminology.

Even if you don’t know the official term, we’ve embedded lots of alternatives in the webhelp that should improve your search results. If you don’t get good results from a reasonable search term, let me know what it was you were looking for and what it was that you searched.

For example, searching “floating grey bars” returns system track topics as top results.

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