mid range orchestra vst?

Hello. I’m looking for a mid range (200-300$) complete orchestra vst.
I have halion orchestra, and it’s nice but I want something more robust.
Any suggestions?
Miroslav 2 looks nice… I like the fact that the sound is dry, because I like to add my own reverb…
I’m looking for more of an old sound with more saturation and distortion like the old 40’s and 50’s movies… Like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZu621cODRw.
not a big fan of the “epic” genaric big sound everyone use these days… But i’m open to other opinions.

IK Philharmonik 2. If you have Sampletank 3 they had an offer on during late May bank holiday week (half term in the UK or whitsun half term as my school called it).

I was able to purchase the full version for £149 instead of £299. Is it the best thing since sliced bread? It’s ok. It’s a bit power hungry though so use it wisely. Basically you are getting the old Viroslov Philharmonik with a new wrapper around them with newer sounds and articulations that weren’t present in version 1. The bottom line with IK is you need to have purchased one of their products or spent at least £99 or more on one single product. (As at May 2019)

If you don’t want to pay anything at all look up Versillian Community free chamber orchestra. Now I haven’t used it yet but people rave about how good it is. Note I am not connected to either IK MultiMedia nor Versillian nor their affiliates or 3rd party companies.

Bottom line is do your research and look at any paid for apps that reward loyalty (do you hear that Steinberg).

IK multimedia are good because every once in a while you get a free instrument or more recently a free synth app like the RastA that Steinberg are offering for a fee. With IK you pay to upload instrument soundbanks. I believe that in the offer I got I had 2 soundbanks thrown in for free.

Just going by what I use. Hope this helps