Mid-Side Audio Capability

I recently purchased WaveLab Elements 10. Can you process Audio in Mid-Side Mastering format or can you only do that on WaveLab Pro?

There is no built-in tool for this in WaveLab Elements. This being said, I am sure it is possible to find freeware plugins that decode M/S before the plugins you want to use, and than re-encode to M/S after them.

Thanks PG1…any thoughts?

MDA VST-3 plugins, if you can find them.

Voxengo MSED is free and works great for MS encoding/decoding:

That said, you need two plugin slots to use (one to encode, one to decode), which may be impractical in WL Elements. You might be better served using plugins that natively support MS (Sum/Difference) processing.

Wavelab elements 11 doesn’t have mid side as you know by know. I also have wavelab elements 11 . I have a few wave plugins and use studio rack from waves . (free to download)from waves to create mid sideYou can you use every plug in from waves for mid side.
Disadvantage is: Works only with waves.