Mid-Side processing feature

Dear Steinberg Team,

I am reaching out to request the inclusion of a Mid-Side processing feature in the upcoming release of Cubase 13 .

As an avid user of Cubase, I have come to appreciate the powerful tools and features that make it an exceptional digital audio workstation. Mid-Side processing is a highly sought-after technique in audio production, enabling greater control over the stereo image. By integrating this feature into Cubase 13, you would provide users like myself with a valuable tool for enhancing our creative capabilities.

I believe that the addition of Mid-Side processing in Cubase 13 would be well-received by music producers, sound engineers, and enthusiasts alike. It would further solidify Cubase’s position as a leading software for professional audio production.

Thank you for considering my request. I appreciate the dedication and innovation that goes into developing each version of Cubase. I eagerly look forward to the release of Cubase 13 and the exciting advancements it will bring to the world of music production.

Warm regards,

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Hello @SrOrtegon,

please go to the title of your thread and add a tag “feature-request”.
Furthermore, there are indications that the feature set for Cubase 13 is finalized already, so don’t be disappointed that your request will not be considered anymore. Maybe for Cubase 14?

It might also help if you describe in more detail where you would like to have M/S processing exactly? E.g. the EQ plugin Frequency2 already offers M/S processing, so any plugin could support that.

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In the meantime, you could utilize a free 3rd party plugin that separates mid and sides. I use Studio Rack from Waves but I’m sure there are alternatives.

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What I’m requesting to (the Steinberg team), is the possibility to apply any VST you like in M-S mode, like in Wavelab.

This is a public forum, you are not writing to Steinberg when you post here, though certainly they are aware of such requests.

Understood. I merely provided a workaround until your suggested feature has been implemented.

PS. Studio Rack acts as a plugin host that allows you to put any VST3 plugin on the mid or side as well as a few other nifty features.

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This would be great if they could implement such work flow so +1 it would save on inserts for a start
Mid-Side Encoder-Decoder Plugin [VST, AU, AAX] - MSED - Voxengo

But everyone the frequents the User forum knows Steinberg staff are very active on the forum ?

Thank you so much, I’ll try !