mid/side with hardware?

hi pg can we set up external hardware for mid side duties?

i want to use say 2 comps 1 for mid 1 for side.

i can see you can do this with the plugins on the youtube videos however can this be achieved via hardware?

Mid or Side processing with an external hardware gear, is not possible. That would require WaveLab to know the exact latency (as samples), of the hardware. Something WaveLab can ask to a plugin, not to the hardware. This accuracy is required to combine the mid and side signals to L/R, without phase shifting.

hi pg i think the external hardware inserts need some work.

as the external gear plugin simply has no relation to my actual setup.

how can i define what input and output to use? (meaning only a single in/out if processing mono)

to solve this i would like the external gear plugin to basically be able to choose all available inputs/outputs and be able to store these as presets so you can recall when needed.

also you can select mid/side etc on the external gear plug so would it be possible to have 2 runs for mid/side then recombine the files if say a 1 sample click was injected to allow wavelab to reposition the audio accurately?

or a few 1 sample clicks so it can try to align them?

so basically a feature request to allow mid side processing with hardware and a way wavelab can recombine the files with littel to no user input.

i would suggest leaving sufficient space after the clicks to allow say a compressor to recover etc…