Midas M32 USB problem and Pro Tools Aggregate I/O

Hello everyone. Thanks for reading. This is my first post. I am using the Nuendo 7 trial version on a Mac 12 core running Sierra. I have been using Pro tools for about 20 years, and I am considering switching to Nuendo for professional work (post production).

I have been having some trouble setting up my I/O with a Midas M32, which has a 32in/out USB interface. I believe that my settings are correct in the Device setup and VST connections panels, however I cannot get audio out of Nuendo. In fact, the meters don’t even show that audio is playing. (When I run Pro Tools, I have no problem playing audio through the M32.)

when I set up the M32 as a Pro tools aggregate I/O device in the Mac audio-midi setup, I am able to route and play multi-track audio from Nuendo just fine through the device as expected. So I have two questions for anyone that might have an idea.

  1. Is there something I am overlooking that would keep Nuendo from directly communicating with the M32?
  2. Is there any disadvantage to using the Pro tools aggregate device option.

I appreciate any ideas. Thanks a lot!