Middex8 Windows 10 / 64 bit Driver

Hi Peeps
The links for the later “unsupported” Steinberg Middex8 /3 drivers for Windows/Mac do not appear to work anymore on the Steinberg site.
Do any of you lovely people still have the Windows Middex8 driver downloaded that I can possibly cadge ?

The links do work, but most likely you need an FTP client to use them. The latest versions of most browsers have stopped supporting FTP.

Many thanks - I didn’t know that - I tried 4 or 5 browsers but that must be it :blush:

Thanks Mr Soundman!
FileZilla client did the job.
Installed smoothly first time and Cubase now has the 8 Middex midi ins and outs available.

There’s life in the old box yet! and given these can be picked up cheaply (I paid £20 UK) I think it is definitely worth a punt :blush:

My System for Info:
Windows 10 Pro Version 1803. Cubase Artist version 11.0.41

:+1: Totally agree. Working perfectly here too on Windows 10 21H2 x64.

:shushing_face: Shhhhh! :wink: