Middle C, How to change?

I know this has been out there for a while, but I’m still hoping /wondering if there is a way to change Middle C from C3 to C4? As a musician I have only ever seen that Middle C was C4. It was in the digital world (I assume MIDI and more) that started counting with 0 and not 1. I’m not a programmer so I don’t know how hard/easy it would be to add an option in preference or even Project settings to determine what Cubase thinks Middle C is. Thanks


It’s awful to hear that a software vendor chooses which model of “middle c” to apply.
There is only one middle c - C4. Everyone who has attended music school knows that.
This should not be a choice of the manufacturer but a general rule.
At the very least there should be a choice between c3 and c4 as middle c standard in options (Logic has that option).
The software needs to adapt to a hundred-year-old music theory, not the other way around.
It is impossible to follow the scores of orchestral music when the notation of the instruments is shifted by an octave.
This complicates the process of composing and orchestration. Steinberg! Why are you making life difficult for us ???


At least give us the option. Both sides make valid arguments as to what middle C should be. What doesnt fly in my book is Steinberg not giving us the option to change from Roland to Yamaha definitions of what middle C is. How many redundant functions does Cubase have again? Yet we cant change middle C? Heck even Logic gives you this choice…

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