Middle C specifier in expression map dialog

There is a new set of buttons in the expression map dialog that allows one to specify middle C as either C3, C4 or C5. The expression maps in Dorico 3.0.10 all default to C3. But it’s been the case that middle C has always been C4 in the past. So, is this new capability changing all the expression maps or is this a relative thing or what? I’m not sure if all my expression maps work anymore. Although in old scores they seem to sound correct.

At least one new score didn’t work with an existing expression map until I set it to C4. So before I go changing all my expression maps, what is going on here?

None of this is documented anywhere that I can find.

This is purely a display option: internally, the switches always use the MIDI note number. You can simply choose whether middle C is displayed as C3, C4, or C5, but it always outputs MIDI note 60.

OK, but I’m not sure why one of my expression maps which worked before doesn’t work now unless I change that display parameter. I’ll look into this further.

OK, found it. Problem was two instruments have different key switches by an octave in the library I was looking at. I missed this earlier.