middle mouse button key


I did mention this briefly before, but perhaps it should be considered a feature request - I pretty much know Cubase inside-out, so already know there isn’t another way of invoking the ‘2 axis scroll’ behaviour you get when you click with the middle mouse button and drag around the project. It’s such a useful navigation mode - the cursor turns into a hand and you can drag around the window on both axises at once.

This is the main way I navigate around the project window - it’s like second nature to me, but I wondered if it would be possible to add a way to invoke this behaviour using a keycommand, rather than it being exclusive to the middle click?

Apple’s Magic Mouse and Trackpad (or notebook trackpads in general) don’t lend themselves to middle-click, so it’d be fantastic to have an option to assign this behaviour to a key instead.

I think it’s probably getting more relevant, after having experienced Mac OS X Lion’s reliance on trackpad gestures :open_mouth:


11 years later and still no proper way of modifying mouse commands… and it also seems this tool is not listed anywhere in the software preferences so I cannot re-assign it to a hotkey.