Middle of a project Help

I copied track 1 and pasted it in 15 subsequent tracks, now only track 1 will play back. The others show them playing back, but the link to my main out is broken. I’ve done all the troubleshooting, re configure VST connections, re-boot the laptop,ect. I’m using a UR28 m. The ques in the 15 channels don’t work either, although everything else in the control room works fine. Any suggestions, thanks :cry:

What sort of track is it?

Can you give a little more, carefully detailed info? You can’t even copy and paste a track. Do you mean you copied audio or MIDI clips from Track 1 into other blank audio or MIDI tracks?

Go step-by-step, using the names of the actual file menu commands, and maybe we can help.

First of all thanks for replying, sorry I wasn’t more precise. The media is audio files,The copying and pasting were track settings. It is a restoration project and I have digitized old tapes and am trying to use noise reduction using Acon Digital Restoration suite. I applied noise, click, and hum to the 1st track, and copied that, pasting those settings to the subsequent 15 tracks. At first, I think, there was output on channel one and none the other 15 , not sure why, but now, no output on any channel even though they are all are assigned to stereo out. The channels are not working through the Que either.

One more thing, I guessed that maybe the acon plugins in every channel might use too many resources, so I have disabled all of them, and even removed them, and no difference.

Hunh. You kinda got me there, comsax. I’ve had good times copying and pasting in Mixer.

Let’s try this: setup a new project with the same audio tracks, setup your first track’s inserts, then, in Mixer, try drag-copying (for me, it’s alt+ drag) the plugins to the next channel. Once they’re all copied, does the channel work?

Another thing you can do to avoid copying and pasting, is to Control-Link the channels together (by selecting them all, right-click, “Link Selected Channels”). When the pop-up comes up, choose to link inserts. Now, whatever you do to the inserts in one channel, will happen to all of them!