Midex 8 Driver x64 (The page cannot be found (404 Error)


I need Midex 8 unsupported drivers for WIN 10, but files are not in Stenberg web anymore.

Can somebody send me one?


See here:MIDEX | Steinberg

I allreday try that.

Nothing happens from the link! Link opens new blank page.

You’re saying you tried the link that I just posted?

Yes tried many times, but its just open new blank page

The problem must be on your end, this is what I see:

Try to actual link, choose midex 8 64bit win

Oh, I see what’s going on now.

It’s an ftp login that needs a password. You’ll have to open a support ticket I suppose to get that. Shouldn’t be that way though… something went wrong somewhere, sometime over the past 10 years with that link.

I’ll see if I can get some info, also, maybe @Martin.Jirsak can help out here.

Ok, Thanks

This is how it works in Crome!

  • Open Chrome and type “ chrome://flags ” in the address bar.
  • Once in the flags area, type “ enable-ftp ” in the search bar stating “search flags”.
  • When you see the “ Enable support for FTP URLs ” option tap where it says “ Default ”.
  • Tap “ Enable ” option.
  • Hit “ Relaunch Now ” option at the bottom of the page.
  • Chrome will relaunch and the Chrome will start supporting FTP.

Device works great in WIN10 and Nuendo 11. Miditime is almost as accurate as in Miditimepiece AV (USB).


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For those finding this topic via search:

The ftp server uses an anonymous ftp login. Chrome automatically sends the credentials. Your ftp program either needs you to specify anonymous login, or simply use these credentials:

Username: anonymous
Password: anonymous