Midex 8 Help

Hi just got a midex off ebay having trouble installing it windows xp32 sp3 amd x950 4 gig of ram the installer finds the unit and loads the firmware loader but then stops before driver is installed,tried manual but get code 10 or code 30 driver not found or could not be started tried all usb ports including a pci usb card it did work kind of for a while leds would show activity but cubase would not recieve midi, that is cubase 4if i hit show midex all leads would dance but no input so I tried reinstall and now no driver at all. I know it is dicontinued but if anyone could help or suggest a reason for the driver not loading would be a great help thanks in advance.


Gigabyte M61P-S3
Kingston KHX8500D2K2/4G
AMD 950 x 4 @3ghz
Cubase 4
2x rme 9652 hammerfall cards
Yamaha O2R
Midex 8
Juno 106
Akai cd3000i
Yamaha dtx 2

is it version 1903 driver you tried in stalling ?
if not try the 1903 from here ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/Archives/Hardware/Midex_8/Pc/

and then check once its loaded in your device setup -midi ports to see if its recognised !

the driver works perfect on xp sp3 so you shouldn’t have any issues !