Midex 8 Sysex Bulk Dump problem

Hello, I have a problem sending sysex bulk dump message via MIDI interface Steinberg Midex 8 from control program to synth.
As far as I understand - the midex buffer is overflowing and stumbling, hanging, Normal operation with bulk dump is possible only if in MIDI-OX has a parameters: Delay between Buffers = 90 milliseconds and delay after F7 = 10 milliseconds
Please help me.

how do I do this delay directly without using midi OX?

Sending any Bulk dump directly - Midex hangs intentionally. And if through MIDI-ox and the delay between buffers, everything is perfectly absorbed. If the solution, without a crutch? To avoid using MIDI-ox?

I’m try native usb 2.0, many of notebook’s and pc - all the same stumbling, hanging Midex with bulk dump

only with this settings in MIDI-OX midex send bulk dump without stumbling and hanging

Another way worked. For transfer on the fly in realtime.

Slowing down the entire computer. Clock Modulation 12.5% Even the mouse barely crawls, but everything is correctly transmitted and does not hang

tried the same thing from under Windows XP - everything works fine without bugs. Still, the non-supported x64 driver is to blame (((