Midex 8 Win10 x64 stops working after 30 mins


does anybody know a solution? My Midex 8 stops working after about 30 mins, I have to reconnect it to my computer to make it talk to Cubase pro 11 again. I allready switched of energy saving option on all USB hubs in device manager but no luck with that :frowning:

Do you have a USB1.1 port you can connect it to? I had problems when connected to USB2 (but bizarrely it works connected to a USB3 port on my motherboard).

I will try a USB 3 port, have to buy a longer cable Thu…

One forum member had success attaching the Midex 8 via a USB hub (which was always advised against back in the day). If you have a hub it would be worth a try.

It is connected via a hub as of now. I´ll get a longer USB cable tomorrow and will try connecting it to another USB port

Seems that my Midex 8 works stable now. I´ve connected it without a hub at a USB 3.1 port.

Great news … exactly the same here, it’s amazing that such old technology (Midex) only works well with such new technology (USB 3.1) in compatibility mode!

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In the meantime I reconnected it with my new cable to the hub and it’s working flawlessly. Seems it was just the lousy old USB cable.

The Midex gets its power via the USB cable but there’s also a connector for an alternative power supply on the back. According to the specs, the Midex 8 requires at least 500mA of current, which is the limit of a USB 1.1 port, and if you use a hub, it might not be able to reliably provide enough current, and might need the help of an external power supply.