midex and jd800

right here we go , my problem is sending and receiving sysex and midi cc to and from a jd800 through a midex 8 with the latest drivers released ,now all filters are off in sx3 and every keyboard like ,jp8000 ,virus ,korg ,jv2080 ,emu’s will receive midi control messages ,all apart from the jd800 , now i have heard somewhere that it is a fault with the midex not being able to send the sysex that the jd800 requires , is this true , all settings in the jd800 are fine ,sysex is just getting blocked ,any ideas ?

muchas thankas

Sorry dude, Steinberg has dropped the Midex in 2003 so i’ve read… you will not get an answer, you just have to figure out all by yourself :slight_smile:

My advise would be, go for a Motu midi express 128… then your Win7 ready too :wink: which would be your coming-up-next problem when wanting to upgrade to Win7 in the near future.

well im as surprised as you will be but new drivers released :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Yes, but it statet twice without support…

so is c6 on xp but it works ! some hope isn’t better than no chance !